Friday, January 21, 2011

Propper and Killer. Wednesday at Hyland.

Aaron and I took some photos with his digi cam on Wednesday at Hyland. It was the most perfect day at Hyland EVER. If you were there, you'd understand. Aaron has always been really good on his snowboard, but days like Wednesday at Hyland really allow skills to be let loose. It was one of those "can't do anything wrong on your snowboard", and freak out on the rope cause it's so fun type days. Freakin'....awesome.

This photo I took of this insanely executed method is very guy in the skyish. But.......BOOM!

Photo Josh from High Cascade was also there, throwin' swanies off the big jump! But Aaron's camera couldn't hold enough battery juice to capture the action on the big jump. View the whole photo post at his tumblr page.

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