Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went to NYC for 36 hours.

Waiting for the train in Rockville Center, Long Island

First stop, Starbucks, Times Square

MTV Times Square

Ads are super big in Times Square

Coke Ad in Times Square. Big 'ol electric ad.

He's got nothin on Conan

Radio City Music Hall

Summer time skating rink. Rockefeller Center.

Spiderman's turf.

The Today Show studio.

Close up Today Show studio.

The Plaza Hotel.

Set of "Here you are sir, your very own cheese pizza."

Walked through a corner of Central Park.

I've seen this orchestra hall on an animated Ghost Busters movie.

Nice building.

Stop light. For bikes.

NYC Parking.

Went to a Mets game. Brand new stadium. Citi Field.

Space ships from MIB.

Number 47 on the stand by list. It took me two days to get home.

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